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A barbeque held with the intent to lure unsuspecting labor to one's home so that they can complete an undesirable chore.

Also: suckercue
Damn, Margaret, we'll need to have a suckerque so we can get rid of this smelly old couch.
by C0dernaut March 24, 2010
A term for when a participant of a video conference begins the conversation with his camera positioned as to reveal his genitals whereas the other participant(s) expect(s) to see a face.

Typically applied in the context of mobile-to-mobile video chats.
1. John and Alice both have iPhone 4Gs.
2. Alice sends John ask him when he wants to go see Cirque du Soleil.
3. John calls Alice via FaceTime, but before she can answer he shoves his phone down his pants so a closeup of his penis is the first image she sees -- thus completing the perfect execution of a dickroll.
by C0dernaut August 03, 2010
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