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Scene is what Emo Kids call themselves in an attempt to seperate from the emo label (which is considered ridicule). They will try to distinguish themselves from "emo" by claiming not to be depressed, among other things, and by exaggerating standard emo style (for example: adding raccoon stripes to the default emo haircut). Indeed, however, their style comes from the emo "scene" which is ironically the same "scene" they derive their name from and, more ironic still, the same "scene" they continue to hang out at. The "scene" consists of emotive hardcore music aka emo music, however they will also dismiss this by simply calling it hardcore (or hxc) music. Emo culture also heavily influences pop culture. Bands like Fallout Boy and My Chemical Romance are but some bands adopting both emo/scene fashion and music style. Scene kids will often call these bands "pop punk" (or some other made up genre) in an attempt to deny their significance in emo/scene culture. Emo/Scene culture reaches even children in elementary school since its integration into pop culture. These are just a few of the reasons why "scene" kids want to seemingly distinguish themselves so badly.

Use of the word "scene" as a label is a collective effort by all emo/scene kids to keep the fashion style they love, yet to seperate it from the emo label they hate. Both the "emo" label (as well as the attempt to suppress it) and the "scene" label acquired their popularity entirely through such social networking websites as Myspace.

Standard "Scene" aka Emo fashion includes: hair in the face (usually over one eye), choppy hairstyles, two lip piercings (called snakebites), heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow, hairclips for the girls, oversized sunglasses for the girls, flats (a type of shoe) for the girls, hair extensions for the girls, tunics worn over jeans for the girls, girl pants for the guys, and shirts way too small (for the guys).

Varying Scene/Emo fashion includes: Vans slip-on shoes, bright or neon colors, bandanas worn as scarfs, flanel shirts, tattooes on the chest and lower abdominals, polkadots for the girls, long necklaces for the girls, hairbows for the girls, pajama hoodies for the guys.

Other trends part of the Scene/Emo Fashion: gender bending, alcoholism, atheism, bisexuality, rebellion against parental figures, pictures taken at odd angles, pictures photoshopped to be so bright so as to show no facial features, pictures with a fist pointed at the camera, pictures with writing on the hand or body, pictures with puckered up lips or a one-sided smirk, putting question marks where they don't belong (in writing), using the word much inappropriately (example: sad much? or, fat much?), and creating two-word dark-themed aliases beginning with the same letter such as "Ashley Autopsy" or "Michelle Massacre" or "Mandy Murder."
I wish I had hair like that scene kid.

Why do emo kids call themselves scene kids?
by C00LI0 January 23, 2008

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