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noun; a slang term referring to the female genitalia.
After billy repeatedly asked sally if he could touch her dick-door, she slapped him, and got out of his truck.
by C.W. Anderson III August 27, 2005
adj, meaning not or opposite of thirsty. Commes from soggy, meaning full of fluid, or thoroughly wet.
"Hey Billy, do you want some water, or something else to drink?"
"Thanks, but after all that cola, i'm sogged"
by C.W. Anderson III September 08, 2005
n. etymology-no fucking idea
term used by midwest (USA) mothers in the seventies to refer to the penis of young boys. Apparently because the word "penis" was to dirty.
Midwestern Mom in the seventies(to young son going to the bathroom): Honey, make sure to shake your deel when you are done going pee-pee!
young son (to himself):that is wierd.


Man to young boy after making an agreement to mow the lawn, putting his hand out to shake: Well boy, lets make a deal!

Young boy runs away, scared as shit.
by C.W. Anderson III September 13, 2005
n. etymology-derived from "mammogram" (a photograph of the breasts made by x-rays).
this is what men give themselves when they examine thier pectoral muscles in the mirror for an extended period of time. Often seen in gyms, especially in the locker room. Often done as an act of vainity.
After looking at his chest for 15 min. at all possible perspectives, Billy was finished with his daily manogram.
by C.W. Anderson III September 13, 2005

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