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The best drinking game on the planet died of alcohol poisoning right after it played Speedbuckets.

The game consists of sucking back, through a straw, a combo of alcohol, energy drinks, and mix from a bucket. Each bucket has a team of 3-6 players who race against other bucket teams to finish first. If there are enough people for only one bucket, the players begin by guessing how long it will take to finish - the person with the closest guess wins. The prize – there is none. Just be happy you’re so drunk, so quick.

Inspired by Thailand’s “Bucket” drinks, where one person casually drinks from a bucket. Invented in July of 2010 by two Canadian guys and three Danish girls.

No doubt the best way to start your night. A crowd pleaser at pre-drinks.
Sentence use:
How many Speedbuckets did we do last night and who the fuck are you?
by C.S.M.S.C July 29, 2011

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