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Hip.Hop is Self-expression.
An outlet of emotion through four Major elements, MCing, DJing, Breaking, and Graffiti writing.
Hip.Hop is Art.
Hip.Hop is a Lifestyle.
Hip.Hop is a Culture, not under the authority of any one man or group of men, to be rendered or declared as such.
Hip.Hop cannot die, it lives in the heart and soul of every true MC, DJ, B-boy, and Graffiti Writer.
Hip.Hop is a Motivation.
Hip.Hop is not partial to any race, ethnicity, age, or gender
Hip.Hop is a Savior.
MCing, DJing, Breaking, and Graffiti Writing are the four Major elements of Hip.Hop
#hip-hop #self-expression #art #lifestyle #culture
by C.O.Sound January 16, 2010
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