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The act of sticking your finger in someone's butthole and it clinches up like a Sea Urchin does when you poke your finger in one. Particularly effective if you say "Sea Urchin" as you make the move.
Ha! Stacy was bending down to grab her purse and I gave her a sea urchin.
by C.JO June 02, 2004
Trucker talk for a cute girl driving down the road.
Breaker breaker 1-9 . . . there's a seat cover heading south on I-5 outside of Salem in a silver volkswagon.
by C.JO March 17, 2004
Used to describe a females measurements (bust, waist, hips).
Damn . . . check out the ratios on that dime.
by C.JO November 10, 2003
Another word for fingerbang. Because fingerbang just sounds gross.
Stacy: Hey Carey, I got F14'd last night.

Carey: Sweet.
by C.JO June 02, 2004
What a stripper told my dad that she enjoys. She said "I don't like it when guys wash up the area between their balls and ass too well because it gets rid of their nut butter and I like a little nut butter."
Pretty self-explanatory isn't it?
by C.JO June 02, 2004
Code word for girlfriends to let one know that they have a booger in their nose without alerting others.
Pssstt . . . Stacy . . . pearl.
by C.JO June 02, 2004
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