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To revisit one's past postings on online web message forums, and retroactively delete the text, replacing it with minimally requisite text allowed by the forum's software, such as "...".

One purpose of milzing one's past postings is to erase evidence of such postings, so as to remove the ability of others to quote you.

"Your statements on pornography are completely at odds with what you said earlier - unfortunately you milzed your posts from that discussion, so I (conveniently for you) can't quote you on those."
#delete #remove #post #edit #erase
by C. Sandwich May 22, 2006
A statement that is presented as fact to prove a point in a discussion, usually a written discussion on the internet, but is actually unverified and may be inaccurate or untrue.

The first known usage of this term, specifically characterizing statements as fjacts, was in response to statements made by the individual with the login name "Njord" in "The Sump" message forum of a popular reef aquarium hobby board. The distinctive spelling of fjact originated from the spelling of "Njord".
"I understand that you think public education should be better funded, but is it really true that a third of all american high school graduates are functionally illiterate as you claim, or is that just another fjact?"
#fact #statement #proof #falsity #internet discussion board
by C. Sandwich May 22, 2006
To mock a racial or ethnic stereotype, especially against an individual who may hold a stereotypical opinion, by acting out the stereotyped part in an exagerrated way.
Assumming that Felipe was part of the staff at the hotel, a well-dressed white lady approached him and mentioned a spill that occured in a nearby conference room. Felipe shucked her off with: "Oh, me sorry, me no speak inglese," then chuckled to himself as she walked off annoyed.
#stereotype #race #ethnicity #assumption #acting
by C. Sandwich June 11, 2006
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