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a female who is short and kinda chunky but playful,spunky and funky,i.e. a short,cute and freaknic type of a girl.
Yo Ron! check out dat fly little honey dip right there! She kinda "shunky", but dat Iiiite!
by C-dogg 77 January 15, 2009
Another way to say that something is really swell; or your really satisfied with the outcome of a particular incident. A "catchy" kind of phrase for some "old ass" white person when they think something went down really nicely.Goofy caucasion remark when they're exuberent about something.
Yo Pete! That's a real swing'n deal you got on those golf clubs!

Oh Martha! That's such a swing'n outfit! I think Johnny will really like it!

Construction Joe : Hey Teddy, I think I can finish your kitchen countertop and tile floor by tommorow, around 3pm.

Teddy : That's swing'n!
by C-dogg 77 January 15, 2009

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