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1 definition by C-ass.com

Made up berkings, a 17 year old(so we think) (not Cass) who has a job that you need to have highschool graduation thingy mo bob....at yuka flux and on high on life...fuckin etard
But really he can be super caring, loves to have company but no drama, has been through lots, knows lots, pretty smart, has been there done that, would do it again, loves his family dearly. Wasn't expecting to find anything on his adventure. Seems to have his head straight. Loves the dark haired women who are sweet, shy, mysterious, wise on the decisions but has a wild side he just wants to discover in her, just something about her
Girl"Rock, punk, medal etc? very good taste in music mister"
Guy "what can i say, i just might be the berkings you're looking for"
by C-ass.com March 02, 2011