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1 definition by C-Pimp

When a guy is at the complete mercy of his girlfriend. There are several methods of whipping, the most popular being pussy whipped, when sex is held out for obideince. When a guy is whipped he is generally a little bitch and proceds to ditch his friends repeatedly and tells amazing stories about being in love. He also will doing fag like activities like ice skating and picnics. He should probably be beat down or slapped by a penis for such activities.
Best Friend: Damn you sure are whipped.
Whipped Bitch: No, Im in love, you guys wouldn't understand.
*slapped in face by dick*
Best Friend: Shut the Fuck up fag.
Whipped Bitch: Damn I needed that. Thanks guys! Ive got to go dump a bitch!
by C-Pimp January 31, 2006