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Used in situation where "Jesus" doesn't work.

Historically, Bajeezus was Jesus Christ's more magical brother. Not only could he give sight to the blind, he could make a Elephant cry with his penis. And it wasn't just elephants. Bajeezus could make many things cry with his penis. Like Curtina's vag. it cried with excitement that Viagra couldn't bring to her.

Also the nickname of D Hizzle in hanover, in, because his penis is just so large.
1) "Holy Freakin Bajeezus!"
"I'll slap the Bajeezus out of you Dave Thomas of Wendy's!"

2) Curtina said, "Holy Bajeezus! Your Wang is so massive Bajeezus. Use it to pleasure me and make me cry because my vag can't take 3' of dick!"
by C & D Hizzle January 02, 2006
An interjection used to express one's total disbelief of a situation or statement. First used by people with Cerebal Palsy, Chelsie Wynne Crow stole it from the handicapped and made it her own.
CWC went up to everyone with Cerebal Palsy and said, "I'm taking over your word bizzatch." To this, Everybody with Cerebal Palsy replied "WERD!"
by C & D Hizzle January 02, 2006

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