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Brand of over-the-counter medicine made by Schering-Plough HealthCare
Products. The most commonly used/abused product of the Coricidin chain is Cough and Cold, often referred to as skittles, candy, red devils, ccc, triple c's, dxm, robo-fry, robo dots, among others, describing the effects as well as the appearance of the medicine. This product is commonly abused by teenagers all over the U.S.A and is becoming yet another drug epidemic to be watched by the government. Effects include body temperature increase, nausea, vommiting, cartoon-like hallucinations, loss of memory, insomnia, paranoia, and the feeling one is physically asleep and living in a dream.
Trust me on this, I am yet another Skittlehead and have done a lot of research on Coricidin. Remember kids, research your drugs before you do them. Otherwise, your pretty much an idiotic junky. If you USE it and not ABUSE it, drugs may not be a bad thing RECREATIONALLY. This is my personal opionion and I am not representing any other person, organization, nor do I associate, represent, or affiliate myself with the Schering-Plough HealthCare Products Company or anybody else except me. So don't sue me, take two more and relax. It'll all be over soon...
by C+C+Chris December 15, 2003

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