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A term coined in late 2008 by Seattle Hip-Hop producer, S.A.T., and popularized by an affiliated rap group. The term refers to being under surveillance by the police or DEA often relating to the trade of cocaine. The term originates from the source of the virus, swine, or pigs, slang for police. If one's traphouse is "infected" with swine flu, the first course of action suggested is to vaccinate, or in other words, kill the pigs.
Person A: "Ay im tryna cop an elbow"
S.A.T.: "Mayne I got that swine flu, meet me in the CD in 15 and keep it on the low"
by ByThePound September 21, 2009
Seattle Hip-Hop producer
J-Dubbie, Young Buck, The Originals, S.A.T.
by ByThePound September 21, 2009

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