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3 definitions by By Jove

A gawdawful combination of Beetle engine stuffed in the back of a long narrow minivan. Loved by hippies and surfers because they were cheap to buy, cheap to fix, cheap to run, and could haul a lot of crap. A well-tuned microbus is dog-slow and a complete hazard to take onto a highway.
That POS microbus is rolling PC for posession. Let's take a look.
by By Jove August 05, 2006
Probable Cause. An official excuse for a cop to give you a shakedown just because you've got the wrong look.
Those beaners in that POS Impala are flying Southside tats. PC to stop; weapons possession.
by By Jove August 05, 2006
Tucked in between two rigs with ears on, one shaking trees, one raking leaves.
I was in the catbird seat all the way from Phoenix to Tulsa, hardly never got below 75.
by By Jove August 05, 2006