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Gaia Online, also reffered to as Gaia (Guy-uh), is the world's fastest growing online social media community. It's a forum based website with some gaming aspects. You gain "gold" for everything you do on the site, from clicking links, to posting. You use this gold to purchase clothing, and items for your avatar. Which represents you on the boards.

It's an addicting site, which will consume your life! Currently, in the beta testing phases. It as of now contains three games and a 'Gaia Towns' feature. A fishing game, in which you catch fish and exchange them for fish related items for your custom avatar or 'avi'. The second game is called Slots, it is a casino game in which you match up symbols such as wings or halos to win tokens that can be sold or traded in for prizes. The last game is Cards, it is basicly black jack... you play against 3 different characters, one at a time. In the Gaia Towns you walk around and visit people's houses along with picking up trash, flowers and catching bugs you can also chat within towns. The trash, flowers, and bugs can be traded in for ink, bouquets, and paper hats to customize your avi!

If you are a member of GaiaOnline.com you are a Gaian.

This site it among the biggest on the web, the active members tend to be more mature ranging in ages 15 and up, although the less active and less literate members aren't considerably younger, noobs or n00bs but they tend to be. Gaia Online is sitting itself far away from such sites as "neopets" or anything of that sort.
My Gaia Online avi is better than yours!!
by ButtMuffin May 02, 2006
When a man's nutsack has hung to low, they are so low that when he sits down he gets fece on them.
Dude, I just sat on my sack and got ca ca all over them. Now I have ca ca nuts!
by Buttmuffin July 25, 2014
It's when you have a little but of poop sticking out of your anus and you can't quite get the whole turd out so you have to pinch it off and then it looks like a ball type thing or a puff pastry, or rather a muffin.
I tried to take a shit yesterday and I couldn't get the turd out, there was a little inside of my anus for like five min; man that buttmuffin was a tough one!
by ButtMuffin July 05, 2006

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