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1. abbr. nickname for Washington State University mascot, the cougar. Also used to define a student or alumni of WSU.
The cougs defeated the University of Washington huskies in football by a score of 28-25. The huskies finished 1-10 on the year.
by Butch T. Cougar June 07, 2005
State operated academic institution; primary campus located in Seattle, WA.
The University of Washington has numerous academic programs in science, math, english, and more. Too bad the football team sucks.
by Butch T. Cougar June 07, 2005
1. Nickname; University of Washington, Seattle.

2. Bunch of punk bitches. Bag cougars' groceries at numerous Quality Food Centers. Also engage in janitorial work at Fred Meyer.
Despite earning a number 1 seed in to the NCAA tournament, the UW basketball team biffed it hard and was destroyed in the third round.

UW grads clean them floors good!

WSU 28, UW 25.
by Butch T. Cougar June 07, 2005
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