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A illegal imageboard that contains full of furries and pedophilias. If you accuse them for being gay or pedophile, they would do anything to deny it. They attack people through msn or email. They would also deny that 7chan is illegal.
Porns are posted everywhere on 7chan, regardless of homosexual or heterosexual porns.

The invasion board or /i/ is for the desperate people who hate someone or some sites and tell others to help to attack them. They attack people through msn or email, or through phone numbers. (I don't know how they attack other sites)

As 4chan becomes more strict. the illegal users of 4chan could no longer post porns, so they start a new site which is 7chan.

(bibliography: encyclopedia dramatica)
"Oh, man, that site has a lot of furries, which made me sick!"
"that site is 7chan, isn't it?"
"you are absolutely right!"
by Bushless November 11, 2006

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