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A country that, in World War 2, was divided by Soviet Russia and the United States without the consent of the people. As a result, the north half is now a communist dictatorship where a midget named Kim Jong Il is playing with nukes. In addition, south koreans are distrustful and unappreciative of the U.S. troops within Korea. Nearly as sad as wat happened in Iraq. Contrary to the belief of many chinese people, Korea was not part of china. Part of China was the northernmost part of Korea.
Chinese guy: Ummm... Korea was all under Chinese rule once. Yeah.
American guy: Uhh, not really. Btw, when will u stop being communist?
Chinese guy: Umm..... For teH ReD ArMy!
American guy: Just go back to working at the Panda Express.
by BushNeedsToLearnToSpellNuclear January 18, 2007

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