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When a woman with a large ass wears lowrise jeans causing her large cheeks to resemble a pair of titties.
Man that bitch has some huge asstits!
by Burn my legs June 07, 2005
It is a moustache grown to retain vaginal secreations long after oral sex is performed on your sweet bitch. Use these leftovers whenever needed. WARNING: do not use dayolds may be hazardous to your health.
Man I could really go for eating a pussy right now good thing I grew in a flavour saver to hold me over till I see my bitch again.
by Burn my legs June 07, 2005
When a man does the "mangina" and gives the company he is in the reverse view. Hence his balls and penis tucked firmly in between his legs balls resembling the eyes and penis resembling the mosquito thing.
That mangina was funny as hell but then the fukker gave us the hairy mosquito eyes.
by Burn my legs June 07, 2005
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