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'Bunking up' involves multiple (at least 2) people sleeping in the same bed and usually involves spooning in some arrangement (preferably the quad-spoon formation). It generally occurs between the hours of 1 am and 3 am after large quantities of alcohol and a long night of pesting

Sometimes the bunk up follows the age old rule of spooning leads to forking - however - it can be completely platonic.

The ideal number for a 'bunk up' is between 2 and 4 - however there have reports of a 5+ people in a spooning arrangements.

Common issues with 'bunking up' include over heating, a uncomfortable sleep and people getting handsey.
Scotty - are we bunking up?
Rob - Let's bunk up - who we going to invite back?
by Bunk-up-delux February 22, 2011

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