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1 definition by Buni

A sweet and SEXY fat girlie-girl.

Beautiful in ever way (knows what she has and knows how to make the best of it)
Gots it going on in all the right places
Fun and Playful


Not all fat girls can be Fluffy Bunnies. It takes a special fat girl to master this *wink*

Fluffy Bunnies come in all ages.

Also used: Fluffy Buni

Not to be confused with: the Wiccan term
One male friend to another,

"Damn...that's a sexy little Fluffy Bunny...mmmm."

"Been dating a hot little Fluffy Bunny and lovin it!"

"Screw those anorexic sticks dude, Me wants a pieces of that yummy Fluffy Bunny"

"woohooo....look at that Fluffy Bunny."

"That Fluffy Buni gots me floating on Cloud 9"
by Buni June 23, 2007