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The act of placing a hot substance (tobasco sauce, chilli powder, Tiger Balm) on the outside of your franger then nailin a chick in the ass. More often used for a hate fuck or to show your annoyance with the person your fucking.
The bitch was gagging for it all night so i took her home and gave her a chilli donut.
by BundyThePolarBear October 09, 2006
One of the most beautiful beings to have crossed the earth's face. Has been known to appear in the form of an angel and is in almost all ways charm beauty and grace.

Beauty, Good fashion sense, Excellent cooking skills and intelliegence are but a few of the traits she has in abundance.
Guy 1: Bro did you see that sylky that just walked past?
Guy 2: Yeah man i wish my g/f was half as beautiful as her.
by BundyThePolarBear May 06, 2007
Snatch Leakage is a rare condition mainly caused by those two hot studs Odermatt and the Polar Bear.
Symptoms include:
- Moist Panties
- Loss of urinal control
- Loss of sense of decency
- Uncontralable urges to attack aforementioned studs
- Cold sweats
- Clamy box
- Potential red spotting which may be itchy and irritable

The only cure for this condition is to seal the area with selleys wet gap filler.
Oh look out the women are going wiiiild! Better be careful they don't get a Snatch Leakage condition.
Mentioned by either Odermatt or the Polar Bear after walking into a club
by BundyThePolarBear June 15, 2007
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