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Someone who serves you in a canteen, mostly of ethnic origin...

this can lead to combinations ie chips sausage and gravy can be defined as a "chars special"

this can also be combined with Rossy (see rossy)
"ill have a chars special mate"

"youre a chars rossy" meaning you're a fkin idiot
by BulletMag June 27, 2005
Used in call centres to describe either ignoring a call completely or to hang up without explanation..

Derives from dropping something, ie having butterfingers, this then shortens to Butter

also can be used in the term Butterised.
"You coming on a break?"
"Im on a call but I'll Butterise it"

"I thought you were on a call"
"I was but I Buttered it"

"Shit 2 mins before the end of shift I feel a Butter coming on!"
by BulletMag July 12, 2005

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