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2 definitions by Bulf89

A 'Sharpy' is a word best fit to describe a person/thing that is; malicious, crafty, selfish and evil. A 'Sharpy' will spend hours upon end watching horror films and making robots, and complaining about things. They are also chubby chasers.
"Have you seen a film called hostel, it's quite new?"
"I think i saw the trailer for it; is it that Sharpy film?"
by Bulf89 April 11, 2006
8 12
The round kid at school or work that looks like a big wet dog thats just emerged from a large amount of pond water. Usually has a 24-hour 'wet' appearance.
youth 1 "Hey look it's Garnett!"
youth 2 "wet dog!"
youth 3 "hey wet dog!"
youth 4 "Garnett, do you know you look like a wet dog?"
by Bulf89 April 11, 2006
8 19