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music that sucks ass, such as avril, that stacey's mom song, pop, etc
turn that ass music off, it sounds like crap
by Buh-ryan the Wunderfool November 01, 2003
The WHite nEGRO, or, the whegro. For the most part, worse than a whigger.
Dude, that kid is beyond whigger.. he's a WHEGRO!!
by Buh-ryan the Wunderfool July 19, 2003
Contraction of "we" and "all". Similar to the popular Southern word "y'all", but is used in the the third person plural.
Hickory: "Whar' y'all goin' tuh?"

Dickory: "W'all goin' the Piggly Wiggly, ya herr?"
by Buh-ryan the Wunderfool July 19, 2003

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