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A negative term used by the English.

Literally, it's slang for testicles, but like shit it's also an adjective.

If something is bollocks, it's poor quality.
If something is complete bollocks, it's a lie.

It's even a verb, too.

If you got bollocked by the teacher, he punished you violently.
If you bollock someone, you beat them up.

It's also a swear-word.

Someone might say oh, bollocks! if they fail an exam.
Ow! You hit me right in the bollocks!

This film is bollocks.

Everything you've told me is complete bollocks.

I got bollocked by the teacher for getting an F!

I'm going to bollock you so hard ...

Oh bollocks! I'm dying!
by Buggenheim October 28, 2007

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