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The greatest example of how to make creative wackness.
dude: yo whatup Weezy, kick some shit for us nigga.
Lil' Wayne: aight mane, huh, huh, watch this
dude: c'mon nigga
Lil' Wayne: yeah, huh, I'm on like the TV...
dude: aw man get tha fuck outta here
Lil' Wayne: ?? Ain't I the gretest rapper alive?
dude: yeah, but from Mars! Fuckka.
by Buga June 17, 2008
Tupac Amaru Shakur was the name that his mother,Afeni Shakur, gave him after an Incan Warrior named Tupac Amaru. He was one of the best black artists, and was also the best rapper that ever hold the mic. There's no MC that expressed his feeling as deep as Tupac. There's a lot of controversy about his life, with negative and positive points, but it's just a sign of a man who lived his life to the fullest. He was a pro black warrior, and wanted to be a leader like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X was, through Rap... he wrote about almost everything you can imagine in this life. Even being the best rapper, he didn't bragged this title. Like Jesus divided the time in "Before Christ, After Christ", Tupac divided the Hip Hop in "Before Pac, After Pac" like the album of the Outlawz with the same title says "Outlawz - 2005 A. P."...
"I don't think I'm the best rapper, the best nothing, I just think I'm the realest nigga out there" - Tupac

"And even though I act crazy, I gotta thank the Lord that you made me! There are no words that can express how I feel, you never kept a secret, always stay real, and I appreciate how you raised me, and all the extra love that you gave me" Tupac on "Dear Mama"

by Buga April 24, 2006

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