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3 definitions by Bufferkiller

Breath-taking. One who is perfect and has a strange love of angry midgets. Beautiful and loving except for constant urge to stab random people.
One day I hope I meet my Shylene.
by bufferkiller January 09, 2009
30 4
Pants that define epic, without using words. Glorious trousers handed down from the Gods.
Ultrapants make the world go 'round.
by Bufferkiller September 18, 2009
6 0
High Brow term for fellatio. Often accompanied by its rarely used cunnilingus counterpart "Swallowing The Placenta."
When was the last time someone smoked your birth cigar?

Dude! I just walked in on the new chick smoking the birth cigar!
by Bufferkiller September 06, 2011
3 2