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Bus fucking involves 2 people: the victim, and the fucker. The bus fucker is generally the bitch on the bus that no one likes to sit with because she is either: a FAT bitch, a SCARY bitch, a super-bitch, or a combination of the three. Victims to bus fucking are usually guys too nice to say no to someone who wants to sit with them. Once the bitch sits down, she begins to engage you in conversation about obsessions with non-fat guys, her hatred of her parents, and other topics the victim more often than not does not give a damn about. The result of a good (see: bad) bus fucking is: being even more scared of the bitch, friends making fun of you, and annoying children on the bus claiming you want to have an affair with the bitch.

Also see: bus rape
Victim: Thank God we're at my bus stop...now I can get away from Sammi.
Victim Friend: Yeah man, she bus fucked you good. Did she seriously tell you about how she wants her brother inside her?
by Buerckchop November 26, 2007

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