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A place of employment which employs mostly women, or managed by women. It is sometimes characterized by the phenomenon that when many women work closely to one another their periods occurring simultaneously.
By the end of the month all the women at work will be synched up. There will be chocolate on every desk next to the used up Kleenex boxes. The men should run for their lives! Man, that's what I get for taking a job in an estrogen bubble.
by Budzilla August 24, 2006
Among weightlifters, one whose strength is admirable.
He did that clean and jerk so fast and smooth. He's one hard piper.
by Budzilla August 24, 2006
An Arabic drinking toast, like "cheers" in English.
Saha... cheers! Salud! A votre sante'.
by Budzilla August 24, 2006
A man's penis that has a fissure, or broken skin as a result of too much sex. Occurs after vigorous masturbation to some.
I was on a mission last nigt, maneuvering for over three hours. This morning I noticed my wounded soldier.
by Budzilla August 24, 2006
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