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10 definitions by Buddy J

A term that combines the character traits of sluttyness, ugliness, bitchyness and boozyness into one derogatory insult for a girl.
Note: Can only be used for girls.
"Goddam those chicks were total scrags!"
"Jessica is so scraggy"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
327 90
A person who is more than a plain tool, or dick, but is equivalent to a bag of tools, or a sack full of dicks.
"Cameron is a toolbag"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
202 89
A similar word to 'Shlong', but derogetory in suggesting a persons'shlong' is in fact, small or short.
"Suck my shlong, yo"
"Hahah, more like shlort"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
68 11
A person who has a scrotum hanging from their face.
"Hmmmm a sackface..."
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
33 9
A word used to describe an abject or surface of extreme smoothness or frictionlessness.
"Daym, those stockings are totally Swillis"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
4 3
A derogatory word to describe someone who has a small penis or a 'small cock'.
"That Bob is such a cockrel"
"Piss off, ya cockrel!"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
6 6
Term used to describe a person who has been struck in the foot with a weed or similar grassy object.
"Haha josh got hit with a weed! Take that weedfoot!"
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
3 3