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Sex without a condom, especially anal sex between two men without a condom.
After she became a he, Roxy's barebare sessions continued after Halsey's anal orgasm gushed mounds of perly jizz on her, er uh, HIS freshy baredback(ed) bung hole.
by Buddy December 02, 2003
to imply that a male may not be heterosexual.
That guy is so show tunes.
by Buddy September 28, 2003
Best Of Breed.
We have the BOB working for us.
by buddy November 20, 2003
somebody who is a little out of touch with reality.
you are a twacker
by buddy May 08, 2003
Hohum is similar to the word whorish, except it solely applies to the day.
This day is so hohum, I would sell my danger zone for a hamburger
by Buddy June 22, 2004
A wanna be mexican pimp, a true homo
thats a ugly lugo
by Buddy March 24, 2003
A frat daddy is a member of a fraternity that think's he all that, but in reality, he couldnt even get a sorostitute.
The token fat guy in a frat who thinks he got in because he's cool, but he's really there to help the fraternity avoid accusations of descrimiation
by Buddy April 12, 2005
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