18 definitions by Buddha

Tosser. As a person this guy is a total twat.
Moderator in a very out-dated game's forum.
by Buddha July 27, 2003
Big-headed pratt. Thinks he's above everyone when he's simply a fat loser.
Stupid hair and an even more stupid attitude, one big llama.
by Buddha July 27, 2003
three times as real

use it when you expressin how much more real you are than someone else
He keep it real, but I keep it trill ..
by Buddha February 02, 2005
Applicable to males only. When you go to jail for whatever reason, approximately 8 people gang up on you to de-virginize you. They get a knife and slice the skin between your nuts and your asshole, and start having sex there. The prison gynecologist must sow you up, which is just more welcoming for your new friends.
Frank was sent to the penetentiary and got prison pussy from his inmates.
by buddha April 07, 2004
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