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A stoner is someone who habitually smokes marijuana. But it of course flows much deeper than that. See there are many people who regularly smoke pot, that are not stoners. For example, these people may have girl friends/ boy friends who do not condone smoking marijuana. Therefore they keep their weed smoking private and do not disclose any information about getting high with their peers. However, a true stoner is very open and perhaps proud at the fact that they smoke weed. They do not try to hide it from there peers and they wish people could understand that getting high is a possiteve thing. A stoner is not afraid to defend marijuana in a debate. There are many different classes of stoners. The classes vary depending on preferred music genres, selection of clothing, religious beliefs(if any at all), and many other factors. Stoners are diverse people but can always come together to get high with one another.
Person-- "Hey stoner, just go get high."

by Buddah4-2-0 August 17, 2009
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