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In high school math, the stuff after the zero. In high society, a sum, no matter how large, too small to impress the person you want to impress. Cf. chump change.
He left her with $5 million, but in their crowd, that is just rounding off money.
by Buce September 25, 2005
Pacific Northwest localism for: do you want room for cream in your coffee? Unaccountably, it seems not (as of this writing) to have spread down into Northern California.
I'd rather say 'you want room?' than 'you want fries with that?'
by Buce July 19, 2005
Male homosexual, but the particular nuance is not easy to isolate. On the surface, it is clearly a term of opprobrium. But no one can say it with a straight face, and so it takes on the air of cheerful self-mockery that we associate with Dame Edna or Crocodile Dundee.
Nobody out there but poofters sand sellers of loose joints.
by Buce July 18, 2005
In a porn flic, the one that earns the star her (occasionally his) large fee--the ugly or disgusting or degrading stuff that pays so well. In more general (and more anodyne) usage, any really important point, the point not to be overlooked.
The money shot in the prospectus is the paragraph where they admit they will never make any money.
by Buce June 30, 2005

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