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2 definitions by Bubalzibubba

An alternate spelling for 'huge'

I don't need to add an example. It's an alternate spelling for 'huge' If this isn't clear and you need an example, you have more serious problems to deal with right now than learning the definition of 'yooge'
by Bubalzibubba July 10, 2008
A type of punch Bruce Lee invented usually reserved for the lower extremities of a man -- the junk.

Ex A.
Dude, you are being an ass, I'm totally going to thunder punch you in the junk.

Ex B.
Zombie Bruce Lee: Hyahhhhh!!!!11!!!1 (punch)

Me: Fuck, Bruce Lee's motherfucking zombie just gave me the thunder punch. Now I have ball hurt.

by Bubalzibubba March 20, 2008