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The beast that is the real reason for accidents involving a phone. When the driver of a car is talking on a cell phone the Cell Phone Ogre grabs the car and throws it into another car. Normally masks his appearance in the form of an individual or higher power stopping people from using a phone while driving.
Driver: Ooh! My girlfriend just sent me a text message, I'm gonna check it. Hmm.. she's leaving for the airport now, I think i'll text back saying "have a great trip!" *Driver begins to text*.
Sister: OmG Don'T teXT WhILe dRiVinG!!1one! (Cell Phone Ogre in form of sister)

Kid is following parents to camping grounds on an empty road.
Kid: *calls parents* Hey can we stop and get some food soon? I'm starv...
*Cell Phone Ogre (invisible to everyone) picks up the '73 Metallic Blue Slugbug and throws it into parents' pick-up. Kid dies.*
by Brycipoo August 04, 2007

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