1 definition by Bryce Digdug

1.In Scotland, slang for police.
2.A city/state like ancient Athens. Athenian citizens voted in a pure democracy. Polis now means city, community, or those in power. Politics comes from the same word, as well as words like police and metropolis. "Apo tin akri tis polis" (From the edge of the city) was an outstanding gay movie that was Greece's official entry for the Best Foreign Film Academy Award.
"I really don't think of L.A. as a polis. It's too big. San Francisco, yes, but L.A. looks like one big strip mall."

"I heard Alexander the Great, accompanied by his lovers Hephaestion and Bagoas, established a polis in Eygpt called Alexandria. Its library housed many of the world's greatest books."

by Bryce Digdug August 16, 2006

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