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1. An offshoot of the word "nigger" nager is often used by caucasians who who feel the desire to use the word nigger but cannot due to the fear of being coined as "racist". Nager has all the pleasurable properties of its parent term, the aforementioned "nigger" without most of the negative connotations. Nager has an uncanny ability to both relieve stress and become an unconsious particle in one's overused vocabulary.

2. Nigger pronounced with a heavy kentucky accent.

3. Nigger as pronounced by adolescent males from southold who drive toyota tacomas.
(heavy accent) Fuckin' Nagers, stealin our women, all strecthim them out like, and shootin our cattle.
by Bryan and Carlos August 11, 2005
the hair present around a womens vagina, often well kept, clean and attractive to be worthy of the term "foliage".... the antithesis of a jungle which implies a gross and untamed pussy.
"i enjoy anything that adds foliage to the punani area"

- Ali G
by Bryan and Carlos August 11, 2005
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