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Expensive. More than I’m comfortable paying.

Spendy puts a smiley face on the grim reality that I’m broke.

It's a great restaurant, but the food is kinda spendy.
by Bruthzoo December 25, 2008
1. to short shrift sleep. Sleep sharking, like borrowing from a loan shark, carries a high future price in terms of morale, clarity, energy, and creativity.

2. sharking a sleeping woman. Sexual assault Japanese style.
1. I sleep sharked to meet the deadline but felt pessimistic and lifeless afterwards.

2. Sneaking up on the girl in Harajuku station, he sleep sharked her while his friend videotaped her startled reaction as she awoke realizing that someone had exposed her breasts.
by Bruthzoo December 25, 2008
Any second run movie theater. The term is a take-off on Super Saver Cinema, a chain of theaters that feature last months flicks. Prices are rock bottom - $2 or less. Big fun for hard times.
Can we see Spiderman 4, mama?

That's at the $10 theater. We're at the super sorry cinema baby.
by Bruthzoo October 10, 2009

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