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Describes someone as being the sexiest beast alive. Anyone who is blessed with the name Krunal should get a medal.
Hot chick - God i want ur Krunalness
Krunal - I know...
by Brownman April 07, 2005
It is similar to giving a high five except instead of putting two hands together, one finger is put across another person's two fingers, forming the mathematical pi symbol.
You did so well on th math test, the teacher gave you a high pi.
by BrownMan February 20, 2005
The word for "shit" in German.
Sheisser! I got gum on my shoe.
by BrownMan March 26, 2003
everything sux exept for cribs and clone high
carson sucks fat ones
by brownman April 07, 2003
the word brown people use to talk about black people. used most often when passing through a black neighbourhood or any generally ghetto area.
Peep these Khalas Yar.
"wo Khala tho dekho yar. sala khutha"
by brownman August 30, 2003

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