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The Marin City housing projects where Tupac used to live, and home to 5150, and some fucked up Sheriffs.
Wasulu: You goin to the jungle my nigga?
Sir Wellington: I shant, its pretty fuckin gutta!
by Brotha Dyk Hung November 25, 2006
Popos code for the area of South Side San Jose which has the highest drug rate in the city.
Copper: Where you at?
Copper 2: Adam One.
Copper: Oh, crackhead hamlet.
by Brotha Dyk Hung November 25, 2006
A wannabe gang on the eastside of Plant City Florida in the Tampa Bay Area. The only thing they cap is water bottles.
White kid: "Youse a jack boy?!"
Jack Boy: "Yeah mayne, we liturully jack boyz!" *wink*
White kid: *licks lips*
by Brotha Dyk Hung November 26, 2006
The enemies of the Jack Boyz in Plant City Florida on the westside.. The only action they've ever seen is with their mommas at Universal Studios.
D(ick)i(n)b(ooty) Boy: I rep dat d-block on the westside homey.

Jack Boy: Nigga, u gay, either way we iz bofe da fakest.
by Brotha Dyk Hung November 26, 2006
Any (or probably all) gangs in the central florida which are either:

a) Spinoffs of famous sets
b) Real, but not dangerous at all
c) Just more fake then a muthafucka

Gangs that fall under Category A would be Rollin 60s Crips in Bartow, which are fake and arent to be taken seriously in Bartow Florida. Another might be the Bartow Brims in Bartow Florida which also has its origins in Los Angeles California. Category A isnt to be taken seriously. They just front like the real thing.

Gangs that fall under Category B would be Surenos, Nortenos, and MS-13 in Tampa Florida and Hillsborough County. They arent to be taken lightly, but generally pose no threat to anybody unless provoked.

Category C Gangs are any cliques in polk county and hillsborough that claim to be engaged in criminal acts, but havent done anything more then steal cookies out the cookie jar.

A and C categories are more fake than a bitch.
Jamal: Damn homey I rep da Bartow Brims on the Eastside.
Retard: Central florida gangs are da rillist and illest my nugguh.
Intelligent person: Dumbasses.
by Brotha Dyk Hung November 25, 2006

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