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2 definitions by BrothA LyncH

Sacramento is fo G's only nigguh. fuck wit eassac u betta b wearin a vest nigguh. L.A. suck my dick
now take a lesson from a sac-town criminal
by brotha lynch November 22, 2004
50 Cent is the most controversial artist Hip-Hop has ever to see, no doubt. His beefs with several artists include Jadakiss, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Shyne and Nas. Most rappers are jealous of 50 Cent because of his success of selling albums. Hate it Or Love it, He's on top. And good luck trying to take this guy down. He's got more money than your mothers Pimp, beleive that. Most people mistake 50 Cent's confidence for arrogance and judge him on it.
Jadakiss - "Oh shit mayn, 50's album "The Massacre" sold more in one week than my total albums sold on "Kiss of death" has...oh well, spread my butt Styles!"

Fat Joe - "I dont want it with 50, I aint a battle rapper, blah blah blah.." Then dont respond, idiot.

Shyne - Nobody even heard that record.

Nas - "My name is Nas and I am the king of hood hop."

None'a these dudes stand a chance against 50, wake up to yourselves.
by BrothA LyncH March 19, 2005