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a person who might entertain you for a price you discuss behind a curtain
oh and its also what the biggest influencial person to children says all the time...im talkin bout santa
ho ho ho where the hoes at?
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
when a man thinks a girl is pretty but doesnt want to stay with her, he has sex(hit) and then leaves(dip). can also be refered to as nail and bail.
You:Man my girlfriend is a bitch.
Friend:Did she let you hit yet?
Friend:Dude she might be a bitch but shes hot so just hit and dip.
by Bros call me DP September 25, 2006
those little chunks of cheese that show up when you dont mix your macaroni good
i dont like eating the halo 2s
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
its a charactr in mario and its the name of this librarian who got pissed at me cuz i snuck porn onto one of the shelves in the kid's section
who the fuck names their kid bowser?
ok bowser i swear that 5 year old kid masturbaited off his own porn
by Bros Call Me DP September 12, 2006
dude, dude, dude its like totally when someone tries to masturbait through their pocket without anyone noticing
(but someone will notice when the dude has a cream of wheat)
yo kyle was doin dat pocket in class
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
1)a coin thats worth 25 cents but ppl steal them anyway
2) a coin that homeless ppl beg for

1)why rob quarters?
2) you dont earn no mother fuckin cent, so you better beg for the quarter
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
well it can mean double penetration, donkey punch or puncture, and hes the coldest character on aqua teen hunger force EVER
i mean the bulls the best
1. D to the P lets go i got the munchies
2. DP that dude totlly cut you off flip him some burnage big time, suck on that padre!
3. DP:uhh...oh man my probe, what happened to my probe?
Frilock:yea u stuck it in that laser, u thought it was a breast
DP:did i fill her up dude?
DP: oh rite, rite
by Bros Call Me DP September 11, 2006
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