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A sexual act to where a man suctions his lips onto a women's Clitoris and in the process thrust his tongue inward in a twisting motion and releases licking upwards. Another slang word commonly used in certain New York areas.
New Yorker 1: What's poppin' boss? did you hook up with that one chick?

New Yorker 2: Hell yea man she was mad fantastic, I gave her the Sicilian Tongue flip.

New Yorker 1: Heh-Ha! that's what's up.
by BrooklynsTyrant April 22, 2009
A word used by Mobsters in the early 70's, to where a man grabs a baseball bat and smashes the kneecaps of his victim.
Mobster: Alright, lets take him out back and play Sicilian Baseball

Recruit: O.K.
by BrooklynsTyrant April 23, 2009
It happens after you eat to much spicy food, and it causes you to fart in a burning matter as if someone shoved a blow torch in your ass.
Husband: Thank you hun, That was the best spicy enchiladas ever.

Wife: You're welcome *Smiles*

Husband: *smiles back and Farts* CHRIST!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?!!!

Wife: Are you O.K.?

Husband: that was the worse pyro-fart ever, My ass is still on fire.
by BrooklynsTyrant April 20, 2009
Similar to your average Dingleberry, only this is a larger quantity of feces attached to even more hair.
Friend 1: Why do you keep picking at your ass? That's gross, You got a dingleberry or something?

Friend 2: Nah man, I got a hairy egg.

Friend 1: ...Wash that shit off, Literally.
by BrooklynsTyrant April 20, 2009
A Slang word used by southern Californians to describe a Sicilian man/women who is not into gangs or organized crime but having a bad record with the police.
Californian 1: Hey man that Sicilian guy over there, he's been in trouble I hear he's in the mafia.

Californian 2: Nah man not every sicilian is in the mafia, he's a sicilain.

Californian 1: Oh, ok.
by BrooklynsTyrant April 23, 2009

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