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An older person who is dating someone younger who pays for everything.
"That cougar has a sugar cubby, he pays for everything!"
by Brooke8701 January 08, 2012
A person who takes photos of naked people and posts them on self-promoting blog-esque social media sites.
Hey look at my Tumblr, I'm an up and coming nudie shooter.
by Brooke8701 June 25, 2012
When someone makes a joke at a time where it is inappropriate to high five or make verbal acknowledgment of said joke. Instead, you make eye contact which satisfies the urge to high five, giving the person who made the joke adequate "props." Occasionally accompanied by an eyebrow raise or a slight nod.
"That's what she said."
::::::::::::make eye contact (eye-5)::::::::::::
:::::::::::continue with day:::::::::::
by Brooke8701 January 14, 2012
An acronym for ex-wife the whore.
"Who are you on the phone with?"
"My ex wife. She's such a whore."
by Brooke8701 January 14, 2012
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