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The Binary scale is the theoretical decision making process which ultimately comes into play when judging whether it is more preferable than not, to have sexual intercourse with a given member of the opposite sex at a given time. Just like the real life "sex or no sex" decision, there are only 2 possibilities: 1 representing "yes", and 0 representing "no".

It is a great way to break down the completely arbitrary 10 point rating scale to a level that can be analyzed and compared by all, with relative ease.
John: "Hey Paul, did you see that girl over there with the tight jeans?"
Paul: "Ya man, she was definitely a 1!"
John: "Haha, good use of the binary scale!"

George: "Hey man, guess who I nailed last night?"
Ringo: "Who?"
George: "The groupie with the curly hair"
Ringo: "Awwww man, she is a zero in my books!"
by Brones January 29, 2009

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