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To cum on someone's face, then throw lucky charms in their face screaming, "It's Magically Delicious."
Ross looks like a Leprechaun so he must leprecum on all the girls he gets with.
by Brodino October 17, 2010
1. A medical condition in which a guy's penis is hard when turned off and limp and useless when turned on.
2. A term used to define a guy's love of complete uggos.
3. A nicer way(to some) of saying that someone has a screwy penis.
"Wow, that guy must have erectile dyslexia, because that chick is fat and wrinkly."
by Brodino June 02, 2009
1. Swagging and fagging at the same time.
2. Someone who is very skilled at getting faggy.
3. When you're getting down with the boys but you're actually going down on the boys.
1. Sean was definitely pulling a Fagatha Christie when he walked in with his cane last week.
2. He doesn't wear nice enough clothes, definitely not the Fagatha Christie we're looking for.
3."Hey Bro's, wanna chill tonight? Promise, no fagatha christie's."
by Brodino October 06, 2011

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