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Orange County (O.C.)--the bro capital of the world
That dude with the Volcom hoodie and Rainbow flip flops is sooo Bro C.
by Brocious February 28, 2004
exhibiting the characteristics of a bro
I like the Bob Marley legends album, but it is kind of brocious.
by Brocious February 28, 2004
agent0923 (8:43:30 AM): did u make one up for urban dict
agent0923 (8:43:33 AM): like brodacious
brodac1ous (8:43:44 AM): erm
brodac1ous (8:43:54 AM): in high school some people used brodacious as an adjective
brodac1ous (8:44:05 AM): which had no particular meaning, other than just to say it
agent0923 (8:44:48 AM): lol
agent0923 (8:44:57 AM): you could write that in your definition and background
That's n00bl3t zerg rush is so brodacious.
by Brocious June 27, 2004

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