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when you give someone permission to buy you chocolate, and then pays the buyer to never speak of the chocoladvantager.
Mrs shmervishi: oh i havent had my chocolate in ages! because my husband and children are both really alergic *looks at Mr. Billy Bstard*

Mr. Billy Bstard: Oh i can buy it for you dont worry about paying me back!

Mrs shmervisi: oh but heres an extra 10$ so you dont ever have to tell anyone about this conversation *cough cough* chocoladvantage
#himilayahaphobia #wolin way #chocolate #bstard #ten dollars
by BroadwayGurl123 May 05, 2009
the only way to go when your in any situation that involves any sort of number.
If you want to figure out this 2 step equation you cant do it the ordinary way, you gotta do it the Wolin Way!
#wolin #numbers #equations #math #way #cupcakes
by BroadwayGurl123 May 05, 2009
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